Buy 1 Get 1 Phone Free deal for the Holidays

First it does not apply to the iPhone and to only the Androids under $200, but it is still a great deal.

If you:

  1. buying a new phone to start a new phone number
  2. getting a new phone when you bring you phone number from another carrier
  3. get a new phone when you upgrade with Boost

You will have the ability to get a new phone for FREE, if you activate it and add it to your existing line as a family plan addition, which will only cost you $30 per month for the same unlimited data plan.  

Free pre-paid VISA card (NEXS)


  • pre-paid VISA card
  • we give it to you for FREE
  • no charge to load money in the store
  • no charge to take money off you car in the store
  • application for your phone to track all activity
  • use the card to have your IRS refund deposited (check cashing fee applies)
  • use it to have your payroll check direct deposited (check cashing fee applies)
  • use it to have your monthly benefits checks deposited (check cashing fee applies)
  • NEXS allows you to get your Federal check monies 3 days early

What are you waiting for!!


Swith to Boost and get the Moto-E4 for FREE!!

Retail Moto E4  is $99.  If you switch to Boost you will get it for Free!!  All you needs is

  1. Current Carrier Account Number
  2. Current Carrier Password
  3. Current Carrier Phone Number
  4. $50

You need the $50 to pay for the first month of service, which includes unlimited 4G data with 8G of mobile hotspot.  Do not forget, Sprint owns Boost so you will be using the Sprint Network.  

Remember there are no contracts and that you will own this phone for FREE without any monthly payments for a phone.  You will only pay $50 per month for the service.  Please note Boost adds a monthly fee of $3, if you do not have payment automatically deducted.

The new Moto E4 Plus rocks a huge 5.5” HD display, runs Android™ 7.1.1 Nougat right out of the box, offers Splashproof Protection, and a 5000mAh all-day battery.


Pre-Owned iPhone 6 for 49.99 if you switch carriers

That’s right, switch to Boost and get a pre-owned iPhone 6 for only $49.99. The cost the first month will be 99.99 since you need to activate the plan and pay for the first month ($50) that includes:

  1. Unlimited calls
  2. Unlimited texts
  3. Unlimited 4G data
  4. Mobile hot spot up to 8G

If you do not want to switch carriers, you can still get a great deal:

  1. Start a new line and buy a pre-owned iPhone 6 for $149.99
  2. Maybe you are already with Boost and are eligible for an upgrade??   Buy a pre-owned iPhone 6 fr $149.99

Only 5 in stock !!!  We do not see how you can go wrong with a $50 investment!!!    90 day pre-owned device warranty.   


Add a 2nd line for $30 per month with unlimited 4G data

Most of our customers want unlimited 4G data and go with the $50 per month plan over the Sprint Network.    Once they have it for a few months, and do not forget about the 8G of mobile hot spot, they typically add another line for spouse or family member for only $30.

Think about it.   Two lines of unlimited 4G data for $80 per month, which is exactly what I do with my daughter…   Let me ask you this, how much are you paying for your two lines with unlimited 4G data??

Note if you add a 3rd line, it also costs only $30 per month!!



Need a New Phone Switch to Boost

Customer came in with a cracked screen tonight and asked if we did repairs.   Two minutes later, after realizing he had Metro PCS, he was:

  1. Giving me his Metro PCS account number that is 9 digits long that he found in his text messages from Metro.
  2. His password, which is 8 digits, that was his date of birth.
  3. $50 for the first month with Boost, which uses the Sprint Network, that has unlimited calls, unlimited texts, unlimited 4G data, 8G of mobile hot spot and unlimited calls to Mexico.  

Ten minutes later, he was walking out with a brand Samsung J3 Emerge phone keeping the same phone number that had with Metro.   Instead of spending $100 to repair phone , he only spent $50 for a one month plan with Boost and got a FREE PHONE.   


You Like Your iPhone, Bring it to Boost

A lot of people come and say how much they like their iPhone, but hate their plan!!  That they would love to have a plan that only costs $50 per month and has:

  • unlimited 4G data
  • 8G of mobile hot spot
  • unlimited calls
  • unlimited text

You can bring your phone in and we can try our Boost Card to see if you iPhone is unlocked and compatible with the Boost sim.   You have nothing to lose except 5 minutes of your time.   If in fact we can use a Boost sim in your phone, we would need your current carrier account number and password to keep your phone number.

On the other other, if you want a new number, we do not need any of this information from you prior carrier.   Either way you only need to bring in $50, since the activation and SIM card are free.  

Come in and start saving today with the $50 Boost plan, that runs over the Sprint Network.  


$50 for unlimited 4G data and a FREE phone

Samsung J3 Emerge

You can not beat it.   Unlimited 4G data with 8G of mobile hot spot over the Sprint Network.   

  • Do you have unlimited 4G data?
  • Do you have mobile hot spot up to 8 gigs?
  • Do you pay more then 50 per month?
LG Tribute HD

If any of these questions bother you then switch to Sprint through Boost!!   Bring in your 4 things:

  1. current account number
  2. current phone number
  3. current password with your account
  4. $50 for the first month

You will walk out with one of three free smart phones

Customer moved 4 lines from Metro to Boost gets 4 new phones and unlimited data for $100

Customer came in Saturday with their:

  1. Metro Account number (9 digits)
  2. Metro password (usually your date of birth)
  3. $100
  4. 4 phone numbers

They walked out with 

  1. the same numbers
  2. 4 new phones (3 Samsung J3 Emerge and 1 LG Tribute HD)
  3. Unlimited 4G data
  4. Each line also has 8G of hot spot
  5. Customer also added unlimited texting to Guatemala to one line for $5

$100 per month !!!

Best deal ever