Need a New Phone Switch to Boost

Customer came in with a cracked screen tonight and asked if we did repairs.   Two minutes later, after realizing he had Metro PCS, he was:

  1. Giving me his Metro PCS account number that is 9 digits long that he found in his text messages from Metro.
  2. His password, which is 8 digits, that was his date of birth.
  3. $50 for the first month with Boost, which uses the Sprint Network, that has unlimited calls, unlimited texts, unlimited 4G data, 8G of mobile hot spot and unlimited calls to Mexico.  

Ten minutes later, he was walking out with a brand Samsung J3 Emerge phone keeping the same phone number that had with Metro.   Instead of spending $100 to repair phone , he only spent $50 for a one month plan with Boost and got a FREE PHONE.