Switch to Boost and get 4 lines with unlimited 4G data on the Sprint Network for $100

This the best deal we have ever seen.  You come in with:

  1. Current Carrier Account Number
  2. Current Carrier Phone Number
  3. Current Carrier Password
  4. $100

Walk out with

  1. up to 4 new phones with same number 
  2. unlimited calls, texts and 4G data

There are 7 phones to choose from

  1. Samsung J3 Emerge
  2. LG Tribute HD
  3. LG K3
  4. ZTE Warp 7
  5. ZTE Prestige 2
  6. Kyocera Hydro
  7. Alcatel Dawn

Remember the Sprint network


$50 Rebate for Customers Starting New Phone Service

What if you do not have a phone number to port-in and just want to start a new number with Boost?   We have a deal for you.

Buy one of 4 phones:

  1. Samsung J3 Emerge:  $59.99
  2. LG Tribute HD   $49.99
  3. ZTE Prestige 2  $39.99
  4. LH K3   $39.99

Pay the first two months within 45 days of activation and mail in your rebate form to get $50.    In essence you get the phone for FREE after paying for two months.

Offer expires 9/17.

Switch to Boost Choose 1 of 8 Free Smart Phones

That’s right 8 different phones to choose from.   Review specs on the Boost website.     

  1. Samsung J3 Emerge
  2. LG HD Tribute
  3. LG K3
  4. LG X  Power
  5. Alcatel Dawn
  6. ZTE Prestige 2
  7. ZTE Warp 7
  8. Kyocera Hydro  Reach 

In order to keep your current cell we need two things from your current carrier

  1. Account number
  2. Password

Lastly you need to buy the $50 unlimited 4G speed plan with unlimited calls and texts (including Mexico and Puerto Rico).    Do not forget that Boost utilizes the Sprint Network.   

What are you waiting for??

iPhone 5 SE special only $109 if you switch to Boost — 11 phones left

One of the hardest things for us is to get the Boost iPhones in stock.   Yesterday we got a shipment of 11 iPhone 5SE’s!!!

Although we did not get any pink ones, we are very excited to have them and to give you the ability to own a brand new iPhone for under $160 or less!!!

  • If you changed from another carrier to Boost keeping your same number, Boost will only charge you $109 for this phone.
  • If you are starting a new service with a new phone number, Boost will charge you $159 for this phone.

Either way you can not beat the price!!   Remember you need to add $50 for the first month activation with Boost over the Spring network, which includes unlimited 4G data.    We only have 11 of these in stock!!!

iPhone SE special

  • changing carriers and keeping phone number:  109.99
  • current with Boost eligible for upgrade:    159.99
  •  new phone number with Boost:   159.99

You can not beat this!  Then you need to add one of two plans:

  1. $50 per month:  unlimited 4G data
  2. $35 per month:   3G of 4G data

iPhone 6s Special

  • Change Carriers switching phone number to Boost: 149.99
  • Upgrade for Existing Boost Customers:  149.99
  • New Service with new phone number:  199.99

Under $200 for a iPhone 6   

Then you have two plans to choose from:

  1. 50 per month:  unlimted 4G data
  2. 35 per month:  3 G of 4G data

We buy gift cards!!

The amount of gift cards that are left uncashed is staggering.   Why are you letting this cash just sit in your wallet??

Bring your gift card in today, let us log on to our gift card exchange.  Once we verify the balance, we will pay you .60 cents on the dollar; for example, if you have a $20 gift card, you will walk out with $12 cash.

What are you waiting for?


7 Free phones to pick from if you switch to Boost

That’s right Boost will give you a FREE phone if you switch to Boost and you keep your same phone number!!   You only need two things:

  1. current account number
  2. password

You do need to buy the unlimited 4G data plan the first month for $50.   In the second month, however, you can change to the $35 that only has 2G of 4G versus the unlimited plan.

Bottom line you walk in with $50 and you walk out with one of these 7 phones and an unlimited 4G data plan for the next 30 days.  Do not forget BOOST uses the Sprint network.