You Like Your iPhone, Bring it to Boost

A lot of people come and say how much they like their iPhone, but hate their plan!!  That they would love to have a plan that only costs $50 per month and has:

  • unlimited 4G data
  • 8G of mobile hot spot
  • unlimited calls
  • unlimited text

You can bring your phone in and we can try our Boost Card to see if you iPhone is unlocked and compatible with the Boost sim.   You have nothing to lose except 5 minutes of your time.   If in fact we can use a Boost sim in your phone, we would need your current carrier account number and password to keep your phone number.

On the other other, if you want a new number, we do not need any of this information from you prior carrier.   Either way you only need to bring in $50, since the activation and SIM card are free.  

Come in and start saving today with the $50 Boost plan, that runs over the Sprint Network.