Free pre-paid VISA card (NEXS)


  • pre-paid VISA card
  • we give it to you for FREE
  • no charge to load money in the store
  • no charge to take money off you car in the store
  • application for your phone to track all activity
  • use the card to have your IRS refund deposited (check cashing fee applies)
  • use it to have your payroll check direct deposited (check cashing fee applies)
  • use it to have your monthly benefits checks deposited (check cashing fee applies)
  • NEXS allows you to get your Federal check monies 3 days early

What are you waiting for!!


Nexs Card for your tax refund

Why have your tax refund put on a card that your tax-company (HR Block-Jackson Hewitt-Liberty) gives you???  You can have the refunds put right on your NexsCard!!

You only need two pieces of information

  1. Routing Number for NexsCard     026-014-925
  2. 12 digit account number on back of your care     4121-__ __ __ __-__ __ __ __

All cards start with the 4121 the last 8 numbers are different for each card.   Look on the back of your card.