Pre-Owned iPhone 6 for 49.99 if you switch carriers

That’s right, switch to Boost and get a pre-owned iPhone 6 for only $49.99. The cost the first month will be 99.99 since you need to activate the plan and pay for the first month ($50) that includes:

  1. Unlimited calls
  2. Unlimited texts
  3. Unlimited 4G data
  4. Mobile hot spot up to 8G

If you do not want to switch carriers, you can still get a great deal:

  1. Start a new line and buy a pre-owned iPhone 6 for $149.99
  2. Maybe you are already with Boost and are eligible for an upgrade??   Buy a pre-owned iPhone 6 fr $149.99

Only 5 in stock !!!  We do not see how you can go wrong with a $50 investment!!!    90 day pre-owned device warranty.