Post office boxes for $50 per year

Are you worried whenever packages are sent to your house.  How would you like you own secure PO Box in a business where employees can sign for any packages and keep them safe for you?      Since we are open till 7PM during the week and 6PM on Saturdays, you will have plenty of time to pick up your package.

The price of $50 per year can not be beat!!!  Come in and get your post office box today.



FedEx Drop off

When we you get product that you buy on E-Bay or Amazon and you need to return it, what do you do?   Look for drop box???

fedex drop off

Drop it off here!!!  We are an FedEx Authorized Ship Center (FASC).  Drop off your packages here and we will give you a receipt with the tracking number.   Our Ground pick-up is around 3:30PM, while Express is approximately 6:00PM, every day.


Free Smart phone with $29 or more plan

Our Ultra Plans, that utilize the T-Mobile networks, have great data plans alongside their unlimited calling and texting within the United States (which includes Puerto Rico).

  • $29 plan has 60 unlimited talk destinations, click here for list,  and 1 GB of data at 4Glte
  • $34 plan has 11 unlimited destinations, click here for list, and unlimited data with the first 2 GB of data at 4Glte.
  • $39 plan has 60 unlimited destinations, click here for the list, and unlimited data with the first 2 GB of data at 4Glte.

If you activate this plan with us, we will give you a FREE Blu Dash Junior.



Free Phone when you activate plan

UltraMobile is our most popular plan.  Many people have not heard of Ultra, but they have great rates and use the T-Mobile network like Metro.   For a full list of their plans, click here.

Their lowest plan comes in at $19 per month, plus a $1 monthly billing fee.  It includes:

  • unlimited texts in US (included Puerto Rico)
  • unlimited calls in US  (includes Puerto Rico)
  • unlimited texts and calls to 11 Countries (including Mexico, Hong Kong and China, both land and mobile)
  • 100 MB of 4G lte (not much)

If you buy this plan we give you a phone for FREE!!!

blu tank mobile

FedEx, Express versus Ground


This will guarantee that a package will get there the next day.  Great service, but you pay alot for this!!!


This is much less and may even get there the next day.  Check out their map and type in your zip code; for example, New York City will get there the next day.   Please note, however, there is no guarantee.


Bottom line, unless it is an emergency why pay the extra for Express??   Unless it absolutely positively needs there to be overnight, utilize FedEx Ground.





First DHL package

Last week we had our first customer that needed to send some papers to Nairobi.   The cost was $75, which was must less then FedEx, and we notarized the papers for free.

What amazed us was that the envelope went out on Friday and was delivered on Monday!!!   From now we recommend DHL for any packages to Africa.


Iphone5 screen replacement for $90

If you wanted to buy a brand new IPhone5, you can plan on spending $400, although you might get luck and only spend $350.   On the other hand what if you only need the screen replaced.   Send me an email if you have any questions.

We can do it for $90.   The picture does not do it justice but it was cracked throughout the whole phone.

iphone5 broken









The only replacement we had was white.

iphone5 repaired