Ultra for unlocked phones and international calls

Although most of our business is with Boost, we do have some business with Ultra for two reasons.

Free Phone

First, what if you do not want internet , but only want a phone to talk and text.   Ultra, who uses the T-Mobile network, has a plan that only costs $20 per month and has unlimited calls and texts within the United States.

Second, we have some customers that call international and Ultra has 60 countries included in the $20 per month plan in particular:

  1. Domincan Republic
  2. Mexico (M)

This means that you have unlimited calls to all the land lines in the Dominican Republic, while Mexico not only has land lies but mobile phones also.   For $20 per month you can call Mexico, both land and cell numbers, as much as you want!!!

Check out the rest of the locations at this link.    If you want to get this plan for $20, we will even give you a free phone.

Free phone with $20 per month plan activation

We are currently offering a plan through Ultra, which uses the T-Mobile network, that costs you only $20 per month with the following benefits:

There is a little bit of internet (100MB) but the free phone that we are offering for this plan does not let you connect to the internet.   In other words if you are looking for internet access, this is not the plan for you.

If you want a plan with

  • no activation charges or termination fees
  • unlimited calls withing the US and 11 other destination
  • Free Global text


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Unlimited on $19 and $34 Plans

Call Free from El Salvador with Ultra

What is the catch??

Yes, sorry there is one catch you need to have Ultra as your phone service. Although you may not have heard of Ultra, you surely have heard of T-mobile and that is the network that Ultra utilizes.  Ultra has a benefit called Call Me Free.

Here’s How It Works

  • Share Call Me Free numbers with family and friends worldwide.
  • To call you, they first dial a local Call Me Free number.
  • We answer and prompt them to enter your Ultra Mobile number.
  • We connect them to you as a free international call.
El Salvador San Salvador (503) 2113 8400

If you have family and friends in El Salvador why don’t you have Ultra??



Unlimited Talk and Text for $20 and Free Phone

Currently we 61nNZ8eGbRL._SY445_have a deal on a free phone.    You get the phone if you activate a monthly plan with Ultra Mobile, who uses the T-Mobile network.

At the end of the 30 days, if you want to keep the phone, you simply pay another $20.  There are no contracts, termination fees or any fees of any kind other then the $20 per month that you pay.

The unlimited talk and texts includes not only the United States (includes Puerto Rico) but these 11 other countries:
Canada (M)
China (M)
Hong Kong (M)
Mexico (M)
Singapore (M)
Thailand (M)
United Kingdom

M = Includes Mobile


Free Smart phone with $29 or more plan

Our Ultra Plans, that utilize the T-Mobile networks, have great data plans alongside their unlimited calling and texting within the United States (which includes Puerto Rico).

  • $29 plan has 60 unlimited talk destinations, click here for list,  and 1 GB of data at 4Glte
  • $34 plan has 11 unlimited destinations, click here for list, and unlimited data with the first 2 GB of data at 4Glte.
  • $39 plan has 60 unlimited destinations, click here for the list, and unlimited data with the first 2 GB of data at 4Glte.

If you activate this plan with us, we will give you a FREE Blu Dash Junior.



Free Phone when you activate plan

UltraMobile is our most popular plan.  Many people have not heard of Ultra, but they have great rates and use the T-Mobile network like Metro.   For a full list of their plans, click here.

Their lowest plan comes in at $19 per month, plus a $1 monthly billing fee.  It includes:

  • unlimited texts in US (included Puerto Rico)
  • unlimited calls in US  (includes Puerto Rico)
  • unlimited texts and calls to 11 Countries (including Mexico, Hong Kong and China, both land and mobile)
  • 100 MB of 4G lte (not much)

If you buy this plan we give you a phone for FREE!!!

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