Free PO Box rental thru July 1st

Any time you open a PO Box it takes a little time for your mail to catch up to the new address. Right now we are offering a PO Box rental thru July 1st. At which time, we will charge you $25 for the next 6 months then another $25 on January 1st. Come in today with 2 forms of ID to get your box number assigned to you.

PO Box Promotion, 3 free months

Right now we have too many open boxes.   To promote, we are currently offering rental at no cost thru July 1st (approximately 3 months)!!

At which point the cost, $50 per year, will be due.   Actually you can pay $25 on July 1st and $25 on January 1st.

Come in today and complete the paperwork to get your box.   Please note you need an two forms of identification.    Don’t let this happen to you!!




Post office boxes for $50 per year

Are you worried whenever packages are sent to your house.  How would you like you own secure PO Box in a business where employees can sign for any packages and keep them safe for you?      Since we are open till 7PM during the week and 6PM on Saturdays, you will have plenty of time to pick up your package.

The price of $50 per year can not be beat!!!  Come in and get your post office box today.