Call Free from El Salvador with Ultra

What is the catch??

Yes, sorry there is one catch you need to have Ultra as your phone service. Although you may not have heard of Ultra, you surely have heard of T-mobile and that is the network that Ultra utilizes.  Ultra has a benefit called Call Me Free.

Here’s How It Works

  • Share Call Me Free numbers with family and friends worldwide.
  • To call you, they first dial a local Call Me Free number.
  • We answer and prompt them to enter your Ultra Mobile number.
  • We connect them to you as a free international call.
El Salvador San Salvador (503) 2113 8400

If you have family and friends in El Salvador why don’t you have Ultra??



Laptop computer to Jamaica, $90 with DHL

Customer came in today with a new HP Laptop computer that she wants to get to her brother in Jamaica.  She dropped it off, we put on the labels, packaged it for and are currently waiting for DHL driver to pick it up.

Based on the weight of 4.75 pounds, the cost to send it is $90.   The estimated delivery date is Monday or Tuesday.  We will up the blog  to see exactly when it arrives…


DHL papers to the Dominican Republic for $60

Yesterday a customer came in who needed to send some papers to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic (DR).   It was late in the day and our DHL driver had already stopped by, it will be picked up today and arrive in DR on Friday.

The total cost was $60!!  We love FedEx, but for any international shipments, DHL can not be beat!!

If you need to send any papers to Jamaica, Ghana, El Salvador or Brazil, the cost would be the same–$60.



PO Box Promotion, 3 free months

Right now we have too many open boxes.   To promote, we are currently offering rental at no cost thru July 1st (approximately 3 months)!!

At which point the cost, $50 per year, will be due.   Actually you can pay $25 on July 1st and $25 on January 1st.

Come in today and complete the paperwork to get your box.   Please note you need an two forms of identification.    Don’t let this happen to you!!




Free prepaid debit card for Federal Benefits

We have a pre-paid card called Nexis that we charge you nothing to set-up.NexisCard   Our customer utilize not only as a pre-paid VISA card but as a Direct Deposit for their Federal Benefits, versus having a checking account.

For the Federal Benefits, we need this form completed.    Best part is Nexis allows for early access to your monies, watch video below.

Computer workstations for rent , $5 for 30 minutes

We have set up two computers. One is your typical work station while the other is a lap top, both connected to the Randell Check wireless network with Microsoft Office. If you need a computer to surf the internet, do a spreadsheet or work on a Word Document, stop in and we can set you up. You can even have lunch from Sophia’s Pizze next door while you work.

Per minute this works out to be approximately .16 cents, while you larger chains (FedEx work station pictured below) that offer similar services usually charge twice this cost. If you need to print anything we will only charge you .10 cents per copy.


Two DHL packages

This week we had two people who needed to send documents to El Salvador and Bangladesh and they had to get there in a hurry.    Since they were only papers that fit in an envelope weighing less then one pound requiring no insurance, the cost for each was $80.   Best part is DHL will get them to their destination in 3 days.

For an exact quote on any international shipments, send us an e-mail.





Unlimited Talk and Text for $20 and Free Phone

Currently we 61nNZ8eGbRL._SY445_have a deal on a free phone.    You get the phone if you activate a monthly plan with Ultra Mobile, who uses the T-Mobile network.

At the end of the 30 days, if you want to keep the phone, you simply pay another $20.  There are no contracts, termination fees or any fees of any kind other then the $20 per month that you pay.

The unlimited talk and texts includes not only the United States (includes Puerto Rico) but these 11 other countries:
Canada (M)
China (M)
Hong Kong (M)
Mexico (M)
Singapore (M)
Thailand (M)
United Kingdom

M = Includes Mobile