FedEx Drop off

When we you get product that you buy on E-Bay or Amazon and you need to return it, what do you do?   Look for drop box???

fedex drop off

Drop it off here!!!  We are an FedEx Authorized Ship Center (FASC).  Drop off your packages here and we will give you a receipt with the tracking number.   Our Ground pick-up is around 3:30PM, while Express is approximately 6:00PM, every day.


FedEx, Express versus Ground


This will guarantee that a package will get there the next day.  Great service, but you pay alot for this!!!


This is much less and may even get there the next day.  Check out their map and type in your zip code; for example, New York City will get there the next day.   Please note, however, there is no guarantee.


Bottom line, unless it is an emergency why pay the extra for Express??   Unless it absolutely positively needs there to be overnight, utilize FedEx Ground.