LG Tribute 5 for $50 if you switch to Boost


Moto E
Moto E

If you have an outdated phone or maybe a broken screen, why not switch to Boost.  They have great plans and deals on phones if you switch to them.

The Moto-E you can actually get for nothing!!!!

If you want a better phone, spend $50 and you can have this LG Tribute 5 for $50
Product details

LG Tribute 5
LG Tribute 5
Screen size: 5 inch screen
Storage capacity: 8 GB
Feature: 4G LTE
Weight: 4.87 ounce
Screen resolution: 854 x 480
Operating system: Android

Big Promo on Boost Phones

Sorry the picture is a little hard to read, but let us go through one line; for example line 3 is a Motorola E. The usual price is 99.99 on sale right now for $49.99.

There is, however, a $50 mail-in rebate for this so the actual cost to switch to Boost with this phone is “FREE”!! Please note if you have Boost already and eligible for upgrade the same pricing applies.

If you want clarification on any of these prices or want to know if you are eligible for an upgrade, send us an e-mail

boost promos june 2016

It’s Official, Boost has arrived!!

If you have Boost and you need to make a payment, stop in to make your payment!!!

Tomorrow we will start caring Boost Phone with two great promotions.  Both of these phones typically retail at $99, but they are on sale right now for $60 and $50 with an additional $50 rebate.   In the end the cost to the customer comes down to $9.99 and free!!boost moto e


  • retail  $99
  • Sale $49
  • Free after mail in rebate



Prestigeboost prestige

  • retail $99
  • sale $59
  • $10 after mail in rebate

First DHL package

Last week we had our first customer that needed to send some papers to Nairobi.   The cost was $75, which was must less then FedEx, and we notarized the papers for free.

What amazed us was that the envelope went out on Friday and was delivered on Monday!!!   From now we recommend DHL for any packages to Africa.


Iphone5 screen replacement for $90

If you wanted to buy a brand new IPhone5, you can plan on spending $400, although you might get luck and only spend $350.   On the other hand what if you only need the screen replaced.   Send me an email if you have any questions.

We can do it for $90.   The picture does not do it justice but it was cracked throughout the whole phone.

iphone5 broken









The only replacement we had was white.

iphone5 repaired