Free Phone For Unlimited International Calls To Certain Countries for $20 Per month

We have one carrier called Ultra that operates on the T-Mobile network that has some great deals to make phone calls internationally for only $20 per month.

Here is the list of 80 countries, if there is an (M) next to the country then it is unlimited to both land lines and cell phones. The most popular countries with our customers are:

  1. China (M)
  2. Greece (M)
  3. India (M)
  4. Dominican Republic (land line only)

Right now we have a great. Pay the first 3 months up front (60) and we will give you a FREE phone.

Unlimited International Calls To China, Greece, Mexico, Dominican Republic for $20 per month

We have a carrier called Ultra that has unlimited calls to the above countries for only $20 per month.

There are actually over 80 countries. Check the link for the entire list, but these 4 countries are the most popular with our customers. Please note Dominican Republic is land lines only, while the others are both land and cell phone.

We will even give you a FREE phone but you need to pay the first 3 months up front ($60).

Pre-Owned iPhone 39.99 If You Switch

Right if you switch to Boost, you can buy a pre-owned iPhone 7 for only 39.99. Sometimes these pre-owned phones can be a “hit or miss” proposition, thus they come with a 90 day guarantee.

In order to switch, you need 3 things:

  1. Current Account number with you carrier
  2. Password with your current carrier
  3. $50 to pay for the first month, which is unlimited 4G with 12 gigs of hot spot
You do not have to go to Buffalo to get it.

Add a 2nd line for $30 per month with unlimited 4G data

Most of our customers want unlimited 4G data and go with the $50 per month plan over the Sprint Network.    Once they have it for a few months, and do not forget about the 8G of mobile hot spot, they typically add another line for spouse or family member for only $30.

Think about it.   Two lines of unlimited 4G data for $80 per month, which is exactly what I do with my daughter…   Let me ask you this, how much are you paying for your two lines with unlimited 4G data??

Note if you add a 3rd line, it also costs only $30 per month!!



Family Plan for 3 with unlimited 4G for $110 per month

Mother came in last night with her two children and was very frustrated with MetroPCS.    She moved all three phone numbers from MetroPCS to Boost by only having to bring in her Metro PCS account number and password.   Each person received a brand new phone for FREE:

  1. Samsung J3 Emerge
  2. LG HD Tribute
  3. LG X Power

Since they use alot of data she opted for the unlimited 4G data plan for all three family members for a total cost of $110 per month.   Three brand new phones and a great plan on the Sprint Network for $110 per month.

Most of our Boost customers have the $50 unlimited 4G data plan.  If they want to add family member, it would cost an additional $30 to add and get the same unlimited 4G data plan.   What are you waiting for??