15 free Samsung J3’s left

Boost has had a great deal to give you a FREE Samsung J3 if you switch from your current carrier to Boost and take out their $50 per month plan, which is

  1. unlimited calls
  2. unlimited texts
  3. unlimited 4G data

You only need two things from your current carrier to keep your phone number

  1. current account number
  2. current password

It has been a huge success, except that getting the Samsung J3’s has been very difficult to do!!!  Tomorrow I have 15 coming in and I do not see anymore after that.   If you want a FREE Samsung J3 and a great plan with the Sprint Network that will only cost you $50, come in  today before these 15 phones are gone.


Congrats Donna on your new phone

We can continue to sell Boost phones like crazy!!!   Last night Donna was fed up with all the various fees from T-Mobile and was excited to hear about a $50 per month plan that would not have any extra costs.  The $50 will have:

  1. Unlimited Calls
  2. Unlimited Texts
  3. Unlimited 4G Data
  4. Mobile hot spot up to 8G
  5. Sprint Network
LG Tribute HD

She was bummed when I told her that she needed a Boost phone, but that quickly changed when I told her that the current Boost promotion would enable her to keep her T-Mobile number and give her a brand new phone, LG Tribute HD.

All you she needed was two things

  1. T-Mobile account number
  2. T-mobile password
  3. $50 for the first month of service

Thanks for the business Donna..


Boost sales improve every month

Last May we signed a contract with BOOST, not knowing exactly how we would feel with them.  Every month we have learned more about them and are nothing but impressed.


Although you need to have a “locked” BOOST phone to have BOOST service they have plenty of great phones at incredible prices.   Right now we have an LG K3 that you can buy for $29.99.  Imagine that a great cell phone for under $30.


LG Tribute HD

If have service with a current carrier and you want to switch to Boost, they typically will give you a FREE phone.   Right now you can get not only the LG K3 for FREE, but the LG HD.     All you need to have is 1) your current account number and 2) password and you get the FREE phone while keeping your phone number.


So how are the plans??

There are no contracts!   You only have to pay for the next 30 days of services and you have two options that both include unlimited calls and texts within the United States (included Puerto Rico).    If you do not use alot of data, buy the $35 per month plan which includes 2 gigs of 4G data.  On the other hand if you want unlimited 4G data opt for the $50 per month plan.   That’s right $50 per month for unlimited calls, texts and 4G data.    You can add another line for only $30!!

The next question is “how is the network coverage”?   Boost was bought by Sprint so you have the Sprint network with Boost.

  1. Great phones at low prices or Free
  2. Great plans
  3.  Great network
  4. Great customer service

Evidently our customers feel the same way.   Each month we sell more and more BOOST plans!!!




Boost unlimited data, calls & texts for $50 peer month

  • No contracts!
  • No data overage charges!
  • You pay $50 per month and you great network with Sprint.

The only drawback may be that you need a Boost Phone.  If you have a plan right now, however, you can get a Boost Phone for free by merely bring in 3 things.

  1. current phone number
  2. current account number
  3. current password

If you are wondering about the phones, we have four in stock now that you can get for FREE if you switch to Boost $50 per month plan.   Click on the name below to get more information on each phone.

  1. Boost Kyocera Hydro
  2. Boost Alcatel Dawn
  3. Boost LG K3
  4. Boost Tribute HD

Boost free phone offer if you switch to them ends Wednesday November 30th

Come in with 1) your current account number and 2) password and buy Boost $50 monthly no contract plan that has unlimited data with 4G Speed and you choose from one of 5 phones.

  1. LG Tribute HD

    LG Tribute HD
    LG Tribute HD
  2. LG Tribute 5
  3. LG K3
  4. Alcatel Dawn
  5. Kyocera Hyrdra

Click on the name of the phone above to get the specs on the phone.  Remember you keep your same number!!!

Free Phones with purchase of $20 plan

That’s right a FREE phone with the activation of a $20 plan with Ultra Mobile      , who utilize the T-Mobile network.   Unless the Obama phone that has limited minutes, you have unlimited minutes and texts within the United States, which includes Puerto Rico.

This is a great option for your kids who you want to get in touch with since there is no internet.  It is just an old fashion cell phone that will only cost $20 per month with no contracts.   Also may be a good option for Seniors who find Smart Phones and internet too difficult to use.

In addition you get unlimited calls and texts to the 30 countries listed below.  In particular our clients may be most interested in Mexico.   Please note this is only to land lines unless there is a (M) listed after the country.

Free Phone


Canada (M)
China (M)
Hong Kong (M)
Mexico (M)
Singapore (M)
Slovakia Republic
Thailand (M)
United Kingdom

Free Smart phone with $29 or more plan

Our Ultra Plans, that utilize the T-Mobile networks, have great data plans alongside their unlimited calling and texting within the United States (which includes Puerto Rico).

  • $29 plan has 60 unlimited talk destinations, click here for list,  and 1 GB of data at 4Glte
  • $34 plan has 11 unlimited destinations, click here for list, and unlimited data with the first 2 GB of data at 4Glte.
  • $39 plan has 60 unlimited destinations, click here for the list, and unlimited data with the first 2 GB of data at 4Glte.

If you activate this plan with us, we will give you a FREE Blu Dash Junior.