Boost 4 for 100 Being Offered to Current Customers

In the past you could only get this, if you were switching to Boost. Now you can switch to this plan, but you need to do this by August 19th, 2019. We highly recommend that all Boost customers should take a look at this.


  1. I have two lines for $80
  2. Going to switch to 4 for $100
  3. The only thing I lose is that I will go from 12Gigs of mobile hot spot to 1, but we do not use any currently
  4. Adding two people to my plan, which will only cost me an additional $20 per month.

One of the people will keep the phone and number with Verizon, while the other will get a $10 phone through the Add A Line promotion with Boost. Think about it for only $20, two new people get unlimited calls/texts/data with 1 Gig of mobile hot spot.