6 Different Free Phones to Switch to if you change to Boost

That’s right 6 different ones.  Go to the Boost site to check out the specs

  1. Samsung J3
    Samsung J3 Emerge


  2. LG HD
  3. Alcaltel Dawn
  4. LG K3
  5. LG X Power
  6. Hydro Reach (water proof)

That’s right a Free phone, if you switch to Boost.   Here are the typical questions that we get

  • I do not want to change my phone number?     You do not lose your number!!  Just bring in your account number and password from your carrier.  You need to call the carrier to get this and you will keep your number.
  • What network does Boost use?   The Spring network!    This is a great network in our area.
  • What are the plans?   There are two plans that both have unlimited calls and texts withing the United States.  If you only need 2 G of 4G data the you pay $35.   If you want unlimited 4G data, then the cost increases to $50.
  • Family members?  They can be added for $30 for unlimited 4G.

Currently I have a family plan with my daughter and the cost is $80 per month for her and I to have unlimited calls, unlimited texts and unlimited 4G data.

What are you waiting for?

Please note that you need to buy the unlimited plan ($50) the first month to get the new phone, but you can easily switch to the #35 in the 2nd month.