Pre-Owned iPhone 39.99 If You Switch

Right if you switch to Boost, you can buy a pre-owned iPhone 7 for only 39.99. Sometimes these pre-owned phones can be a “hit or miss” proposition, thus they come with a 90 day guarantee.

In order to switch, you need 3 things:

  1. Current Account number with you carrier
  2. Password with your current carrier
  3. $50 to pay for the first month, which is unlimited 4G with 12 gigs of hot spot
You do not have to go to Buffalo to get it.

3 Great Free Androids If You Switch To Boost

Why are you paying $80, $90 or more each month to be with Verizon, AT & T or T-Mobile???    Many people are skeptical about Boost, until we tell them that Spring .  That’s right Sprint bought our Boost!!!!


For only $50 per month you get unlimited 4G data, unlimited calls, unlimited texts and 8 gigs of hot spot.  If you want more hot spot, go with the $60 per month plan and get 30 gigs of hot spot.   Best part is there is no contract!!!   Again, why are you spendinig so much to get less???

To get you to switch, Boost will even give you a FREE phone:

  1. Samsung J7 Refine

ught Boost so you in essence have Sprint when you are with 

  1. LG Stylo 4
  2. Motorola G6 

Click on the links to learn more about these 3 great Androids that retail over $200.  Get them for FREE, if you switch to Boost.  We only need 3 things to make the change, while keeping your phone number

  1. Current account number
  2. Current password
  3. $50

If you are an iPhone person, we do have a deal for a brand new iPhone 6, if you switch for only $50.   If you want the iPhone and you want to switch you would need $100, not $50.


Android: LG Stylo 4 For Free If You Switch To Boost

Boost is always trying to get new customers.  If you switch right now to Boost, you can get the LG Stylo 4 for FREE.  It is a great phone.   If you do not like the LG’s, how about a Samsung J3 Emerge for FREE.  

Please note you do need to pay $50 for the first month’s plan to get the phone for free and you also need:

  1. Account number from current carrier
  2. Password from current carrier

You need these two pieces of information to get your current phone number on this new phone.   Remember for $50 per month:

  1. Sprint network
  2. Unlimted 4G data
  3. 8 gigs fo hot spot
  4. unlimited calls and texts

Switch To Boost, Get A New iPhone 6 for $50

Many people do not realize that Boost has been bought by Sprint.  So when you look at a SIM card in a Boost phone, it will say Sprint.   In other words, you do not have the “BOOST” network, but Sprint when you are with Boost.

On the other hand companies like Metro PCS and Cricket are with T-Mobile.  Overall Sprint is a much better network.    If you switch to Boost today, you can get a brand new iPhone for $50.  Not used, but brand new!!!

In order to switch you need two things from your current carrier:

  1. Account number
  2. Password

We need this so that you are able to keep your phone number.    You also need to pay for the first month ($50).    Bottom line, the total amount of money you need is $100 ($50 for the phone and $50 for the first month).

The $50 plan is a great plan:

  • Unlimited calls and texts
  • Unlimited 4G Data
  • 8 Gigs of mobile hot spot

What are you waiting for?????  

Why You Want The LG Stylo 4: FREE if you switch to Boost

This month switch to Boost and get the LG Stylo 4 for FREE.  All you need from your current carrier is the:

  1. Account number
  2. Account password

By doing this you keep your current number.   Although you do get the phone for FREE, you do need to pay the first month : $50

  • unlimited calls/texts
  • unlimited 4G data
  • 8 G of hot spot
  • Sprint network

LG Stylo 3 Christmas Promotion-FREE if You Switch to Boost

The LG Stylo 3 is a great phone!! 

Currently if you switch from another carrier to BOOST, you will get this phone for FREE!!!     Please note you would need to go with the $50 per month plan, at least for the 1st month, which includes 

  • unlimited 4G data
  • unlimited call
  • unlimited texts
  • 8 gig of mobile hot spot
  • Sprint network

This is the best phone that we have ever seen BOOST give for free, if you switch!!!   If you are a current customer and eligible for an upgrade, you can get this phone for $99.





Buy 1 Get 1 Phone Free deal for the Holidays

First it does not apply to the iPhone and to only the Androids under $200, but it is still a great deal.

If you:

  1. buying a new phone to start a new phone number
  2. getting a new phone when you bring you phone number from another carrier
  3. get a new phone when you upgrade with Boost

You will have the ability to get a new phone for FREE, if you activate it and add it to your existing line as a family plan addition, which will only cost you $30 per month for the same unlimited data plan.  

Free pre-paid VISA card (NEXS)


  • pre-paid VISA card
  • we give it to you for FREE
  • no charge to load money in the store
  • no charge to take money off you car in the store
  • application for your phone to track all activity
  • use the card to have your IRS refund deposited (check cashing fee applies)
  • use it to have your payroll check direct deposited (check cashing fee applies)
  • use it to have your monthly benefits checks deposited (check cashing fee applies)
  • NEXS allows you to get your Federal check monies 3 days early

What are you waiting for!!


Swith to Boost and get the Moto-E4 for FREE!!

Retail Moto E4  is $99.  If you switch to Boost you will get it for Free!!  All you needs is

  1. Current Carrier Account Number
  2. Current Carrier Password
  3. Current Carrier Phone Number
  4. $50

You need the $50 to pay for the first month of service, which includes unlimited 4G data with 8G of mobile hotspot.  Do not forget, Sprint owns Boost so you will be using the Sprint Network.  

Remember there are no contracts and that you will own this phone for FREE without any monthly payments for a phone.  You will only pay $50 per month for the service.  Please note Boost adds a monthly fee of $3, if you do not have payment automatically deducted.

The new Moto E4 Plus rocks a huge 5.5” HD display, runs Android™ 7.1.1 Nougat right out of the box, offers Splashproof Protection, and a 5000mAh all-day battery.