iPhone 5 SE special only $109 if you switch to Boost — 11 phones left

One of the hardest things for us is to get the Boost iPhones in stock.   Yesterday we got a shipment of 11 iPhone 5SE’s!!!

Although we did not get any pink ones, we are very excited to have them and to give you the ability to own a brand new iPhone for under $160 or less!!!

  • If you changed from another carrier to Boost keeping your same number, Boost will only charge you $109 for this phone.
  • If you are starting a new service with a new phone number, Boost will charge you $159 for this phone.

Either way you can not beat the price!!   Remember you need to add $50 for the first month activation with Boost over the Spring network, which includes unlimited 4G data.    We only have 11 of these in stock!!!

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